Speaker Marcelo Romeo
Speaker Marcelo Romeo

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Marcelo Romeo



In 2017, he led the "Noblex Qualifiers Super Promo", which is considered the most successful Argentine campaign of this century.

That campaign penetrated so deeply into popular culture that in 2022, the story came to the silver screen - in a comedy-drama tone – in a film produced by Paramount+, “The Manager”, inspired by Marcelo and what happened in the well-known promotion. The film won a Golden Lion at the latest edition of the Cannes Lions in the Entertainment category.
The “Qualifiers Super Promowon” more than 50 local and international awards, including the Grand Effie Latam and two Gold Cannes Lions. It also allowed the brand to reach 1 million sold televisions in 12 months (an unprecedented ammount in the local market) and became a case study and market benchmark due to the positioning achieved and the modern use of social networks.

For the 2022 World Cup, the brand carried out the “God Pays Promo”, in which Noblex was committed to return the value of the televisions (US$1 million) if Argentina was crowned World Champion… And it delivered. (!!!)

Noblex was crowned as Best Announcer in the PRODU Awards 2023


Speaking on: Brand x Content: How to Collaborate Successfully

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