Speaker Lynnwood Bibbens
Speaker Lynnwood Bibbens

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Lynnwood Bibbens

Founder & CEO


Lynnwood Bibbens' visionary spirit and entrepreneurial prowess have illuminated a path of success that few can rival. As the dedicated CEO & Founder of ReachTV, he has not only shattered records but transformed an industry. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, ReachTV has blossomed under his leadership into the preeminent black-owned MBE certified
airport television network in the United States.

The figures speak volumes: over 2.5k screens, an astonishing 50M+ monthly viewers, and a network that spans 500k hotel rooms across 90+ US airports. Lynnwood's strategic brilliance has positioned ReachTV as the trusted choice for premium travelers, a testament to his keen understanding of market dynamics.

Yet, it is not just numbers that define Lynnwood's legacy. His ability to cultivate partnerships and drive innovation has been instrumental in forging groundbreaking agreements. ReachTV's pivotal 7-year distribution contract with the NFL, the broadcasting alliance with LIV Golf, and the content partnership with TikTok are just some of the milestones that underscore Lynnwood's exceptional insights and influence.

Lynnwood's impact reverberates across media and entertainment. Original premium content like "Where Chefs Eat" and "Cultural Eats" bear his signature touch, captivating audiences with every frame. Beyond ReachTV, Lynnwood's sagacious leadership guides the boards of esteemed public and private firms, a testament to his exceptional acumen.

His expertise is in high demand, with appearances on platforms like CNBC, Bloomberg, TD Ameritrade, and the Cheddar network. Lynnwood Bibbens stands as more than a CEO; he is a luminary, a trailblazer who continues to redefine what's possible. In an industry where boundaries are tested and norms are shattered, Lynnwood's name is synonymous with
innovation, leadership, and an unwavering commitment to leaving an indelible mark on the world of media and entertainment.

Speaking on: New Year, New Path

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